Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Prank

Caleb's little sister, Indee gave my father-in-law this awesomely huge universal remote for Father's Day. 
Caleb, Hayden, and Indee each took turns trying to program it, but had no luck. When Mike came in to ask how it was going they told him it was done and handed it to him but Hayden kept the old remote and pushed the buttons when Mike did so he thought it worked. 
The little rats seriously laughed their heads off for like 10 minutes. Then started to come up with other scenarios that they could do, like tell him it was voice activated and that he'd have to say what channel he wanted it changed to. 
I ended up getting it to work and he's in love. I don't think he'll have to worry about losing the remote ever again.
Later that day we had dinner with my parents. I was lucky enough to have the coolest dad in the world,
    and when I see how Caleb interacts with our nieces and nephews I can tell he is going to be an amazing dad.
 Every family dinner Brooke and Ash are no where to be found, because they're either outside swinging with Caleb or playing "catch the foot" (it's a game Caleb made up where he picks one of them up and runs around until the other can catch up and touch the others foot). 
I love him so much, and I love him even more when I see how great he is with all of the kids. My mom and dad have said multiple times how he's going to be such a great dad. It makes me proud to call Caleb my husband.... and my Baby Daddy. =)
Bonus baby bump picture - 11 more weeks!
I wonder if Baby Rigby is as excited to meet us as we are to meet him. I'm afraid I'll just want to spend all day staring at him and holding him. I feel so blessed in my life.


Hannah said...

How did I miss the whole Becky is PREGNANT thing?? That is awesome and so cool! Congrats soon to be mamma!!

Julie Bryson said...

Look I found your blog too :) (evil Laugh insert here) we can double stock each other.

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