Friday, February 3, 2012

Basement - finished product

I just realized that I never posted the pictures from finishing our basement. So here you go.
Bedroom before
Caleb was busy studying for the GMAT during our renovation so I was lucky enough to get to put in the insulation, spackle, paint, and do about 85% of the tile work all by myself. Haha
Jed helping to frame the closet in the bedroom, while Caleb tried to de-pants him.
 I sent this picture to Caleb who was upstairs studying and said, "wish you were here"
 So he took a break to come see the progress.
Finished Bedroom
Bathroom Before:
We did custom tile around the shower, and it turned out to be pretty easy.


 Caleb was outside cutting the tile and came back with this awesome line across his face.

Finished Bathroom

We were able to finish the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway for a little under $3,000. It's kind of funny but the hardest part of the entire project was putting up the dang blinds. Haha


Marci said...

I love that you guys learned how to do all that stuff. You're so awesome. I also love that you sent that picture to Caleb. I miss you guys so much.

Geeta and Tim said...

Look fabulous! Isn't it fun to be a home owner? I can't to start on my home projects once the weather permits...

Jen Jarrett said...

Love the pictures! It looks amazing and it looks like u had fun getting it done. What else would be expected from you two. Well done on it!

Hannah said...

That's AMAZING!!!! Turned out beautiful, and wow, the price is not bad if you are ultra skilled like you guys!

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